I am excited to announce Saturday has landed more world-class talent by signing Tim Dillingham to our team.

A former McCann Erickson SVP/Senior Creative Director, he is also a successful startup-agency veteran. Tim brings a broad skill set and range of experience (along with amazing creativity) to a shop that is barreling downhill with momentum.

He did one of my all time favorite TV ads…

He did these…

He did this…

He did these…


Created this…

…And has done work for healthcare, packaged goods, sport teams & sporting goods, finance, automotive, and public service. It’s the kind of versatility we require and a brand alignment consistent with the Saturday Brands we specialize in.

He also tends to get great results for clients in a way that’s super creative, incredibly fun and memorably endearing.

How we landed this great talent:1. We identified what we wanted in a candidate2. We wrote a spirited, but detailed description of what we were looking for3. We placed the ad in strategic websites that reach the creative community and job hunters

4. We remained patient, refusing to settle

5. None of that really mattered—we got lucky

Yes, in the end we just got completely lucky. Tim didn’t even know we were hiring.

He was simply drawn to Saturday by the quality of our recent work and by what we had said in articles and in person.

But, Tim actually said he wasn’t interested in full-time position and was looking to freelance. So, we told him we would be happy to freelance him and that I personally would do my best to get him into every shop in Charlotte for him to freelance…and that I would see him when he got back.

Obviously he did come back and he started in January.

The freelance project turned out well, but it honestly didn’t matter to me.The chemistry was there, the intelligence was there, the creativity was there—Tim is just an easy, phenomenal person to work with and he knows how to do great advertising.

I hope the next time you’re at Saturday you join me in welcoming Tim Dillingham to the fold. And if you haven’t been to Saturday yet, we’d love to meet.

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