Award-Winning Work(TM)


Thursday, the AAF (American Advertising Federation) held their annual AAAwards honoring the best advertising of 2017, and four times when the blue curtains went up, they revealed another piece of Saturday Award-Winning Work™.

We’d like to thank our team, our partners and the client-agency relationships that empowered this kind of work to be done. The only thing more gratifying than the creative recognition is the fact we got through to audiences in cool ways, with good results and money-making ROI for our clients. But, we'll take the trophies, too!

 Saturday’s 2018 ADDY Award-Winning Work™ included:


ZZ Top Poster/Invitation - GOLD ADDY
ZZ Top Poster/Invite
Client: Music With Friends
Lake James Content Marketing Compilation
Lake James Content & VR Campaign
Client: Crescent Communities
Silver ADDY


Earth Wind & Fire Show Invitation
Earth, Wind & Fire Poser/Invite
Client: Music With Friends
Silver ADDY

Huey Lewis and the News Show Poster
Huey Lewis & the News Poster/Invite
Client: Music With Friends
Silver ADDY

You can see more about the poster and invites here.

Stay tuned for more in-depth posts about the Lake James Campaign, or if you'd like ot hear how we might be able to do some award-winning work for your company, give Theckla a call at (704) 919-0034, or contact us here.

Here's To Great Work!


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