A GEM in the rough

Is that rainbow landing on the 35th floor? (A view of GEM's offices from our roof)

Businesses talk about their "culture" a lot these days, but we often see a disconnect between the pitch and the reality. 

Not so with Global Endowment Management (GEM). While they manage billions in assets and work with some of the most progressive universities and institutions in the world, they're still approachable, friendly, and humble. They're just some very likable people. (You know—even though they're wicked smaht.)

So when they were re-thinking their website, GEM wanted to do something unlike anyone else in their space. But they still needed to maintain the trustworthy, authoritative, and leader-in-the-field image they've earned through the years.

From the very first meetings, we were delighted at how engaged GEM's team was. They were always asking why we chose certain features, or what our POVs were on everything from font selection to user experience decisions. Which we loved, because at Saturday, we're always making thoughtful decisions in everything we do—and we enjoy explaining how we got where we did.

A periodical-inspired design applied to the web. With some kick-ass web fonts IOHO.

We used deliberate architecture and layouts to help communicate some pretty heady information across multiple audiences that needed to receive very different messages. 

Messages for potential clients
Messages for potential partner-investors

Another unusual approach for the industry: GEM truly finds inspiration in all the things their clients do as a result of the endowments GEM manages. And that kind of inspired us.

GEM's clients (with their missions)

It was refreshing to meet a friendly group of people (in an industry not typically known for friendliness), who were so passionate about their business, yet also excited about the rationale behind everything from UX to debating whether the word "whom" was pretentious or not. We love stuff like that! (Final decision: sounds pretentious verbally, not in print. But too hot a topic to include on the site. People were...opinionated...about this.)

Below are a few more highlights from the new website. If you'd like to see how we can bring your brand to life and push the envelope for your company, contact us by using the contact button below.

Menu layout
thought leadership? Here's your thought leadership want.You

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