South End Craft Beer Cartography

The one thing we appreciate more than good craft beer, is good advertising.

So you can imagine our joy when our client Center City Partners/South End gave us the chance to combine the two. The assignment: remind visitors & residents alike of the numerous craft beer destinations here in South End, and encourage folks to visit them all, and specifically to start their Craft Beer Week in highly walk-able South End.

The flagship of our campaign (which also included content marketing, digital ads, and blog posts/articles) was a Craft Beer Map.

Pocket-sized, but packs a punch

While the map was intended to feature specific destinations and be useful for actual navigation, we also wanted to make sure it captured the connectivity, revelry, and free spirit that can be found in our great neighborhood. We also wanted map holders to experience an element of “surprise & delight” in a way that promoted new craft destination discoveries.

So many glasses, so little time.

Mini-tours suggested multiple stops built around themes like Light Rail Adventure, Insta-Tour (of photogenic stops), Fun & Games (where beer and competitions collide), Brewcycle (bike tour), and the Randomizer: a QR code-driven tour-generator for completely random craft beer couplings.

Multiple exBEERiences

Illustration-wise, local-favorite landmarks peppered the map, features like a six-legged centaur rifleman were…uh, unexpected…and scale was measured by Westie-lengths for this dog friendly ‘hood, where over 40% of residents own dogs.

Mmmm, South End sticky buns....

Hopefully you enjoy this map as much as we enjoyed making it. It’s available at several South End businesses (and of course the destinations listed on the map), and we happen to know a few fans have even framed it. (Aw, shucks—thanks.) So come on down, order a pint and grab a map. 

There’s no better place to cheers than South End.

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