Catawba Riverkeepers

The Riverkeeper had a very simple belief: that clean water was a non-partisan issue. Whether you voted Republican, Democrat, Independent or alternatives, you should want clean water in your life. As an agency, we believed so, too. You will never believe what happened next–research showed that people saw environmental issues differently. Specifically, they saw things three ways. Saturday needed to find a way to get through to all three groups in a way that made them think, and got attention. Our goal was to get people talking about clean water and to get clean water to the campaign conversation. We helped people thinking about protecting property values, protecting children and grandchildren, and being honest about what our situation is (the three mindsets that cut across our research groups)–without picking political sides.

Well, talk they did. Our campaign message was featured on every major news network within days of running, with one network (NBC) even holding up our print ad to start the segment. We knew we had struck a nerve when "60 Minutes" sent a crew down to do a segment on Coal Ash after our campaign ran.

We used a truly integrated and audience responsive campaign that pivoted in tactics and messaging to stay part of the conversation. We leveraged several insights-based tactics to reach people interested in water quality in Charlotte. Our print was planned and executed with consideration of how digital and social furthered the strategic cause. When the public latched onto specific messaging we focused on that messaging and expanded on it, generating complementary content that we pushed out across a variety of media. Every component worked in tandem in a unified front that generated exactly the results we hoped for.

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At Saturday, we believe in campaigns that hit on all cylinders (and do donuts in the parking lot). Our integrated campaign used sensational imagery and provocative messaging to command the attention of our specific audiences. We complemented the print ads with targeted digital and social executions, and even threw in some guerrilla marketing into the mix. As a nimble agency, we could also adapt to the developing conversation, creating content based on public reaction. The resulting effect was a crescendo of attention leading up to the election–which is exactly what our client wanted.


A blank section on a power plant permit is like giving someone a blank check. That’s what we thought anyway, so we made blank checks and "accidentally" dropped them in high traffic pedestrian area in strategic locales. (And of course, recycled them.)

As far as the Catawba Riverkeeper and Saturday were concerned, clean water is not a partisan issue. This sign was created to say, "Republican or Democrat--it doesn't matter, we all need clean water" (No offense third-partyers.). We want to vote for a candidate that commits to clean water for Charlotte. At the very least, put candidates on notice this was a popular issue amongst voters that needed acknowledgment. (Whether they comment on it or not.)


NoDa Brewing has now sold over 2 million beers so far and have become one of North Carolina’s fastest growing breweries, as well as one of the top growing breweries in the country. We finessed their brand by honoring the existing loyalty and not giving the brand a total overhaul, but rather a respectable dose of maturity and immaturity so it shines on the shelf and in the bar. By tapping into what we know about craft beer culture, and bringing a worthy personality out to go along with a great tasting beer, we have done more than helped a client be successful. We have done a small part to bring good beer to the world, and that’s a beautiful thing.

NoDa Brewing has become one of the fastest growing breweries in the country. And we’re proud to have played a role in that.

Major News Coverage

News coverage on every major network.

60 Minutes Segment

On coal ash in Charlotte, NC


Coal ash ponds remain a focus of the community.